Why is this taking so long?! Stop, breath...

 Hey fam! Trust you and yours are doing well. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in your inbox today. Just a question though? Why is the year running by so fast? Like can you believe that it is 40 days to Christmas?

I don't know about you but this year has stretched me. I have been stretched physically, spiritually, just name it. But they say no growth comes with stretching so yeah. 

Anyways, how is your year rounding up? Hope you are able to tick out some of the things you thought to achieve this year. Well, if you are reading this, that means you are alive and so there is hope.

After trying to avoid catching COVID, my son got infected at his creche and brought it home. I got hit so BAD. The sore throat I had, I cannot describe it and it came along with headache. My husband told me to take a self test but I was living in denial and said it was just the flu. Days later, he started having symptoms, took the test and it was positive, I had to take mine too. Yeah, you guessed right, it was positive too.

We were in the middle of moving houses but had to pause and isolate for days till we became negative again. I might wanna add that testing negative after been infected does not mean you don't have any symptoms cos my husband broke out in hives days later for days which was as a result of the Covid infection.

What has been happening with me so far

I know a lot of you got to know me from me sharing my life experience as an Expat family, living in Germany, on Youtube. I am currently at the tail end of completing my Masters. 

You see, I started my Masters studies in 2018. My course of study is supposed to be for 2 years, 2.5 max. However, by 2019, we got pregnant and was like, yeah, cool, our moms will come and we would have support and all that good stuff. We applied for my mom's visa, she was granted by January of 2020, but COVID happened which brought about travel restrictions. I was so sure that by April, all these will be over as I was due by end of May. Oh boy was I wrong. Long story short, I resumed classes 5 months after I put to bed and was schooling from home. By 2021, I was done with all my courses except my internship and Thesis.  

I searched and searched for an internship space but to no avail as they were requesting for programming experience. So I enrolled in a bootcamp to learn how to become a Data Science. Needless to say I applied the bootcamp as my Internship experience.

I then started searching for a thesis supervisor. I did so by reading the Professors' research works and then going ahead to ask if there is an opportunity for further research and sold my self as a Data Scientist.

I finally got a Supervisor after plenty mails, cries and prayers.

What I have gained from this experience so far

Sometimes, I look back and would almost be overwhelmed by shame due to the fact that I am running a 2 year program for 4 years and still counting. However, this timeframe has afforded me the time and space to grow a whole lot. I am not working based on anyone's timeframe and you should not too. I have grown a lot if I do say so myself. I have a healthy child, thriving family and home, chosen a career path, we bought our own apartment and we are thriving in the land.

So, I beg of you, in as much as we would like to achieve set out plans within a timeframe, the process we go through are also important and I am learning to stop, breath and take it all in because for someone like me, once, I achieve that goal, I don't wait to rest or even celebrate as I am on to the next if I don't catch myself.

Moving on from here

Yeah, I hope you caught the announcement of the new apartment so I am hands-on getting it together and decorating as our last apartment did not give me much space to decorate. Don't worry, I will share from time to time how I am putting things together.

I am also working on my thesis and trying my hands on some other things which I will share here later.

Till then, enjoy this reel I made days ago and catch you next week!




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