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Life Update. I got a job in Germany.

 Hey blog fam, Trust this meets you well. I know, I know, I promised that you will hear from me at least once a week but here I am apologising cos its been really busy on my end, trying to juggle writing my thesis, being a wife and mom, working, yeah, I got a job, more on that later. I celebrated my birthday on the 9th of this month. So grateful for life, health, good friends and everything in between. God is so good. I would like to talk to you about something real quick. Listen, I classify you as my close friend and so I decided to share one of my top tip which has been working for me. It's called scheduling. If you are like me that tries to do everything at the same time or discover that you have not been able to finish what you have on your to-do list, then this is for you.  I discovered that as seasons come and go, I always have to rearrange my tasks from most important to least important and even have to set alarms for these task, if not, they might not get done on time or at



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