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Happy New Year! Dusting the cobwebs and doing some clean up...

Happy New Year blog Fam! Wow. It feels good to be back. Yeah, I know its February and life has been lifing. How are you doing? Like really, pause and ask yourself how you are doing?  Its okay to feel the way you are feeling especially with all the things happening all around the world and I personally feel that we deserve a break between the pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine but here we are. At my end, I am currently rounding up my Masters studies (finally) and settling in well to motherhood and career.  I promise to have at least 1 post here per week. Please free free to drop comments on questions you have about living, schooling and working in Germany. I will be opening up 2 slots per month for consultations on relocation so feel free to send me an email at  I still put out content on my Youtube channel here and so feel free to connect with me there too.  Looking forward to hearing from you. See you on my next post.



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