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The reason why I share my journey as a foreigner living abroad.

   Hey Fam, Trust your week is going on well. Mehn, this week and indeed the year is traveling fast, like it's already the mid week of the first week in March. Not to put pressure on you but just to put it into perspective. Hope you are doing well? I mean, mentally, hope you are in a good space? Do well to take breaks at intervals as much as needed too. Now, something I noticed as a Nigerian living abroad is that I could not find peoples' experience of living abroad as people travel and then you are left to wonder if they are thriving and happy with the decision they made. This is the reason why I started my YouTube channel to share my journey with you and carry you along. It is definitely not for show off but to show to people especially you who intend to travel out of Nigeria someday so that you don't have to start from scratch. So, my husband and I shared on this video (link below), how it has been with us as a couple, living, working and schooling in Germany. (Watch You



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