Hey, hello. Let’s catch up, shall we...

Hey blogfam,

It feels nice to be back. So a quick catch up. I had my baby last May, in the middle of a pandemic and it has been, whew.

Really, I cannot find any word to explain it. Firstly, having a baby without my mom, and then having to deal with being new parents with my husband, having to stay indoors almost every time , staying away from family and friends cos of the pandemic and trying to be responsible for the newborn especially and then having to work and school from home. Like I said, no words, really.

I am grateful for sanity and peace of mind through it all, just looking forward to when we can go out and enjoy company of friends and family.

So, I gained some pregnancy weight (like why not) cos I did a lot of comfort eating when my baby was just few weeks old as I was not sleeping through the night. Well, the chocolate biscuit kept my company while I nursed my baby all through the night.

I knew I was gonna pay for it in the near future but I have forgotten how hard Weightloss can be.
well, I have been able to lose 7kg in 2 months(should be more but Christmas and new year happened, so here we are).

I will take you along on this journey so stay tuned.

Before I go, I will like to know how you are especially in this times.

love and light.




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