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How To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night.

If you are a new mom, sleep is one of your major concerns right now and I want you to know that you are not alone. Majority of babies who sleep through the night in the first few weeks are minute and are exceptions compared to the babies who do not which is normal. I will like to share my story to encourage you that sleep is not linear and it gets better. Since birth, my baby never slept through the night. Instead, he wakes up every hour in the first few weeks and then moves every 2 hours. I later learnt that this was due to the fact that he is exclusively breastfeeding and so once it is time to move to another sleep cycle, he needs to breastfeed as that is how he knows how to sleep. I wasn’t getting enough sleep at night and even during the day. I then started looking for solutions because it was really getting to me and almost driving me insane. Also note that due to the pandemic, our parents and family couldn’t visit so it was just my husband and I. My husband works from home and I

Hey, hello. Let’s catch up, shall we...

Hey blogfam, It feels nice to be back. So a quick catch up. I had my baby last May, in the middle of a pandemic and it has been, whew. Really, I cannot find any word to explain it. Firstly, having a baby without my mom, and then having to deal with being new parents with my husband, having to stay indoors almost every time , staying away from family and friends cos of the pandemic and trying to be responsible for the newborn especially and then having to work and school from home. Like I said, no words, really. I am grateful for sanity and peace of mind through it all, just looking forward to when we can go out and enjoy company of friends and family. So, I gained some pregnancy weight (like why not) cos I did a lot of comfort eating when my baby was just few weeks old as I was not sleeping through the night. Well, the chocolate biscuit kept my company while I nursed my baby all through the night. I knew I was gonna pay for it in the near future but I have forgotten how hard Weightloss



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