Hey blog fam. Been a minute here. I have been busy preparing for the arrival of our bundle of joy. It has been a roller coaster, to say the least. I hope y'all are staying indoors, social distancing and washing our hands.

Firstly, I had to reduce the amount of time I go out due to the virus and the lock-down especially for shopping, so I had to resolve to ordering things on the internet. Shopping online can be so frustrating as one is not sure if it will fit or it is the right size and so on, but I must do it with good fate.

Also, I have not been able to register in any hospital as one is required to register about few weeks to due date which happens to be the time Germany was shut down. All appointments for the hospital I was looking at has been moved till next month which is close to my due date. I spoke to my gynaecologist and he assured me that even if I am not able to get an appointment before baby comes, I can enter any hospital and I will be attended to as delivery is considered as an emergency. I like that but I wouldn’t mind seeing the delivery room, checking out the family room and also speaking with the doctor and midwives as I also have concerns with language.

I have heard women like me who are close to their due date say that visitors are not allowed into the wards and to visit new moms which is fine due to the pandemic. I also heard that spouses are not allowed in to especially if it is a C section birth. I hope this is not the case as I rely on my partner for support during this time.

Fingers crossed, I trust that all goes on well and that the curve for the pandemic is flattened in the coming weeks and everything can then go back to normal.

Sometimes, I get anxious especially with family and friends spread across the world, with restrictions and sometimes lockdown in various cities. We just try to keep faith alive that they are fine and doing well. We also try to reach out to them via phone calls to share virtual hugs.

Our prayers are with those who have family and friends who are affected directly or indirectly especially the ones far away from closed relatives.

We will pull through this and come over at the other side with joy.

Hugs to my fellow preggy mamas out there at this time. I wish you calmness, peace and health.

Love always…




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