Hey everyone. Trust this meets you well. I am sure I would be way into my pregnancy when this blog goes out.

So here goes the story of how we discovered that we are having a baby.

So I finished my second semester exams (I am currently studying for my Masters degree) and I had a bit of break. I therefore decided to invest that time into creating content for my Youtube channel and also preparing for the new semester.
However, in the midst of this, I discovered that I have missed my period for about 4 days.
Before then, I was due for a little procedure as I have an umbilical hernia and wanted to get it in before taking in.
The day of the surgery has been fixed and so I thought my body was in anxiety mode and hence the missed period.
My husband had been teasing me and telling me to take a pregnancy test as he was sure I was pregnant. I doubted it because I was really feeling all the signs I usually have for PMS.
I decided to take a home pregnancy test afterall. I woke up on Saturday morning, 21st of September to use the toilet and also take the test. My husband followed my as he was already awake by now. I can see the wide grin on his face as he has been teasing me since i mentioned that I missed my period. My plan was to pee on the strip and then go back to bed with the hope that I will check it when the day breaks but as I was still peeing on the strip, I took a quick look at it to be sure that I was really peeing on the stick. Lo and behold, 2 lines were staring back at me.. Gosh, I am pregnant. I busted into tears.
My husband was grinning from ear to ear at this point but was some what bothered that I was crying. Hmm. I came into the room after hugging and asking my husband if we really are pregnant and burst into Thanksgiving.
I did a quick estimation on a pregnancy app and discovered that its possible I am 4 weeks gone. No wonder I have had some serious bloating and navel for the past few weeks.
So, I went ahead to book my first prenatal test with my gynecologist to be sure I am really pregnant.
I know my life is about to change for good. I know bringing in a child to this world requires a lot and I trust God for strength and grace.
As at the time this post is going up, I am almost 28 weeks gone and I wont say it has been easy but I keep taking one day at a time.

I will be sharing with you guys here my experience so far and as we proceed to bring in this bundle of joy to this world so please remember to subscribe to get notified when a post goes up.

Would you like sharing your experience when you discovered you or your SO was pregnant? Would like to hear from you.
Catch you on the next one.

Love and light...




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